The healthcare industry produces some of the most sensitive and complex waste of any modern sector. From hazardous waste to confidential medical records to IT equipment and electronics, healthcare businesses and public sector organisations often struggle to cope with their output. Especially when looking to deal with all waste in the most responsible and environmentally-friendly manner possible.

Deadman Confidential is proud to offer the region’s most extensive and accessible range of waste removal and disposal services for the healthcare industry. From convenient collections to transportation to recycling to disposal, we take care of the whole process from start to finish.

Our confidential document shredding services are perfect for dealing with the most sensitive paperwork, ensuring your private information and that of your customers cannot and will not fall into the wrong hands. What’s more, certain types of hazardous waste can only be carried by fully licensed specialists like ourselves. We work hard to make it quick, easy and affordable to deal with all types of healthcare waste responsibly and efficiently.

Our experience extends to every type of ad-hoc and scheduled waste collection service for healthcare businesses across the region. For more information or to arrange a quotation, get in touch with the Deadman Confidential team today.


Working closely with the local business community for more than 50 years. Deadman Confidential is proud to have established an extensive list of business clients across London and Surrey, entrusting our team with all types of scheduled and ad-hoc waste collections and disposal.

We make it quick and easy to deal with all types of business waste at every level. From confidential documents to IT equipment to commercial and industrial waste, we have both the experience and the capacity to support your business. Organise waste collections in advance, or get in touch with the Deadman Confidential team anytime you find yourself dealing with a surplus of waste.

Our commitment to responsible disposal and recycling reflects the shared concerns of every proactive business across the region. From the smallest local businesses to the largest organisations, we cover all waste collection and disposal requirements under one roof.


The prevalence of identity theft and general data security breaches has resulted in government offices nationwide revisiting their document and data destruction policies. When there’s no room for compromise and the margin for error is zero, Deadman Confidential is here to help. Our secure document shredding and property destruction services are perfect for government offices when dealing with sensitive data. No waste disposal specialist in the region can do a better job ensuring your sensitive data cannot and will not fall into the wrong hands. Protect the reputation and general security of your government office with our market-leading document shredding and waste destruction services.

Local Authorities

Local authorities are required to maintain personal and confidential records of businesses and members of the public alike. Should this information fall into the wrong hands, the results could be catastrophic. We’re here to ensure this doesn’t happen – our secure document shredding and waste disposal services are ideal for local authorities at all levels. From local councils to courts to public service providers of all kinds, local authorities cannot afford to take chances with data security. We can ensure your most sensitive information and waste remains 100% confidential – work with Deadman Confidential or risk the potential consequences of data theft.


The education system in the UK naturally results in the production of incredibly sensitive documents and data. From paperwork to computer hard drives to USBs and so on, education records are complex and abundant. For the safety and security of both the service providers and their clients/students, the highest-quality document shredding and hardware destruction services are mandatory. The consequences of such sensitive information falling into the wrong hands could be no less than catastrophic. Don’t give criminals an easy ride – work with Deadman Confidential for the safe and secure disposal of waste and keep your education organisation on the right side of the law.

Private Individuals

For more than 50 years, Deadman Confidential has been providing private individuals across London and Surrey with superior waste collection and disposal services. Our experience and expertise extend to all types of waste collection and recycling from private individuals and households across the region and for all purposes. From planned household clearances to the disposal of electrical goods to confidential document shredding, we’re here to make safe and responsible recycling easy for businesses and private individuals alike. What’s more, you can count on Deadman Confidential to provide you with a competitive quote and all the support you’ll need from start to finish. Call the team today for more information.

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Paper for secure destruction, wood, general waste

Waste Disposal

General waste, wood/timber, skips 6yrd – 40yrd

Office Clearance

IT equipment, electrical devices, office equipment, white goods, furniture, carpets

Confidential Shredding

Paper documents, toner cartridges, WEEE disposal, DVDs, videos, tapes


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